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  1. GanjaMan

    Nu tad velreiz

    zajebis vienk.. taads pofigisms, nu paldies!
  2. GanjaMan

    Nu tad velreiz

    nu moins..
  3. GanjaMan

    Nu tad velreiz

    1. [AMXBANS] You have been banned by admin Thomas Corleone from this server. [AMXBANS] You are permanently banned. [AMXBANS] Reason: wh. [AMXBANS] Your nick: =GK=Ganjaman. [AMXBANS] Your IP is: 2. http://www.kso.lv/bani/ban_details.php?bid=11303 3. http://www.kso.lv/demos/KSO-0705191938-de_dust.zip 4. blaa blaa blaa... neljepiishu k-kaadas otmazkas.. =GK= rules :
  4. GanjaMan


    shodien, 18. maijaa ap plkst 20:00 mani nobanoja tipa man esot wh... nickname: =GK=Ganjaman Ip: e-mail: Ganjaman@gkclan.com (web: www.gkclan.com) Man ir STEAM speeles versija, pirkta. Jau vairaak kaa gadu speeleeju ar Genesis Knights (=GK=) [Juuu.. es ar to lepojos :D:D ] Esmu piedalijies vairaakos chempionaatos, un b*** kaa man var buut chiiti? Kuraa pakaljaa man wh? ne reizi neesmu shaavis k-kur caur sienaam, taa kaa tur dazhs labs bij.. un h*jaks - man ban.. realjno! cereeju ka beidzot kaads norm serveris un na tev! Luudzu, paldies, nav par ko! =GK=Ganjaman

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