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  1. Robbii

    KSO Logo konkurss 2018 Balsošana.

    TROPS - 2. variants
  2. Robbii

    Unban @ Kerr [2.]

    Demos i recorded speak for themselves. You can clearly see that his crosshair tends to lock onto enemies chest (this can be clearly seen in scout/awp recordings i made). Just take a look at demos i posted of myself playing with an awp. It becomes 100% obvious he is cheating. I rest my case. ciao Sry for english.. LAtviski vispār būtu grūti saprast, ko vēlos pateikt,... Demos, kurus ierakstiju visu rar redzet. Chalis reali , kad izshauj uzreiz pec shaviena noteme cilvekiem uz chestu (baigi labi var redzet awiku un skautu demkas). Paskatieties , kā spēleju es ar awiku un kā viņš. Uzreiz var redzet , ka viš 100% hackero

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