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    mazliet fanoju par sny
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    Bandetails details Player hukY Bantype SteamID SteamID STEAM_0:0:18573339 Steam community profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997412406 IP address Invoked on 10-10-2009 - 16:45 Banlength 180 minutes Expires on 10-10-2009 - 19:45 (2 hours 35 minutes remaining) Reason daunis n1 Banned by Admin NEUTRAALIS () Banned on Server KSO CS 1.6 PUB / cs.kso.lv p48 (de_piranesi) Demo : http://www.kso.lv/demos/KSO-0910101626-de_piranesi.dem Vnk man patik vina uzvediba ta jau nav pirma reize... Un ja vinam aizrada tad vins sak kaut ko muldet virsu... Un pec tam sakas visadi brinumi ar draudesanu...
  2. hukY


    [AMXBANS] =============================================== [AMXBANS] Tu esi nobanots uz shii servera. Tevi nobanojis admins bloodlord [AMXBANS] Tu esi nobanots uz muuzhu. [AMXBANS] Nobanotais niks : MsD [AMXBANS] Iemesls : ' ej nahuj ' [AMXBANS] Ja veelies suudzeeties par banu , ej uz forums.kso.lv [AMXBANS] Tavs SteamID : ' ' [AMXBANS] Tava IP : ' ' [AMXBANS] =============================================== Kicked : You are BANNED. Check you -=- http://www.kso.lv/bani/ban_details.php?bid=32578 -=- http://www.kso.lv/demos/KSO-0907021148-de_dust2.dem Tas nav normlai ar tadiem resoniem metaties...

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KSO.LV is a gaming community which started in early 2003. Our goal is to make sure to provide you a low latency server with cool game modes to give every player the best gaming experience.



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