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  1. GHostOO8

    let talk about something new :) MAPS

    I say is a good ideea, i'm geting bored to play dustbowl gold_rush and turbine 10 times a day, at least we will have more options and will play de useully maps 9 times a day
  2. GHostOO8


    +1 Here
  3. GHostOO8

    Fiday night, every week

    It seems nice , a good ideea , I played a couple of maps that are verry cool (fun) . I hope this ideea will pass the admins/owners vote
  4. GHostOO8

    Action against cheaters

    Good ideea , i used this command a lot on cs servers is a very good mode to caught cheaters ... and about the use of a big resources in cs you could use the comand "execclient screenshoot" that didn't took a lot of resurces .... if I made a few english writing mistake sorry .....
  5. GHostOO8

    riteshahujal3 some sort of cheats

    Yeah first of all u don't understand, he was talking about me , I'm the "GHost" and bouth use mic in game! Second of all i think that the he shoot after the enemy get out of his vision area because he had a high ping rate! I played whith him and against him a lot and i don't think he's cheating!
  6. GHostOO8

    Hi guys!

    10x for the quick answear ! But i must get the steam version of TF2 before i'll pay for a slot ! 10x again for the answear ! You are a very organize group(serv and forum)!
  7. GHostOO8

    Hi guys!

    First of all i want to say that is the best serv I ever played ! God job! And now the question : Can i get a reserved slot whitout paying the 25 euro Donation? 10x and keep doing what u are doing
  8. I tried this and is not working!

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