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  2. You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That's a part of it. Denzel Washington

  3. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  4. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  5. Rise and shine potheads, Mary Jane isn't going to hit herself.

  6. inteq


    parak kruts
  7. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

  8. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  9. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  10. inteq

    MoonMan @ FustCup.net -5 usp

  11. inteq

    FULL RESETS visiem statiem

    Just do it!
  12. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  13. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  14. inteq

    7even * JK- @ DD2

    ANTI, foruma redzu pirmo reizi un skills Tev ari nekads nav, bus lieks darbs webbaneriem
  15. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  16. inteq

    Nedzirdu ko citi runā

    voice_enable 1.. vel ir variants, ka non-steam speletajs nedzird steamotu speletaju, pasham ta ir bijis. http://www.mediafire.com/?abtn6hpwwpq7ft3- ja gadijuma nav tas, ko es teicu, tad nokacha shito patchu, ja vins met ms32.dll erroru, tad apstiprini un chill, iespejams, ka paris reizes metas erroru, bet principa ir japalidz.
  17. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  18. inteq


    Centishos Tevi nepievilt
  19. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  20. When I hit the bong I'm Godzilla taking over Hong Kong!

  21. inteq

    KSO iesaka

  22. inteq

    Config for csdm

    configi daudz maina, ja esi pieradis pie sava tad ok, bet nu mans configs ari ir vairak uz pistolem un ak domats vieglak shaujas
  23. inteq


    es PAR, par ljaunu jau nenaks

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