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kurs labaks spammers?

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Words per minute (WPM) 63 Keystrokes 314
(314 | 0) Correct words 60 Wrong words 0 You are better than 80.17% of all users (position 15169 of 76484 - last 24 hours)


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2 reizites pameginaju, SNAP!






Words per minute (WPM) 72 Keystrokes 361
(361 | 0) Correct words 68 Wrong words 0

You are better than 90.99% of all users (position 11051 of 122659 - last 24 hours)



un vel 1 reiziti shodien. =D

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Baigi traki 164 punktus salasiju, tie vardi ar ' visu cakare. 

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