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Wombon eliminoija :D

Wombon elimimoija :D

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I've decided to apply for an admin on gg servers. The reason for this is that I've spent quite sometime on your server and seen a lot of cheaters. I would like to have an ability to take an action on them as soon as possible and being an admin would grant me that.
I'm o ly interested in getting access to ban / kick.
Age: 28
Experience in cs: I started cs at the end of 1.5 and at one point played on high level. Never been an admin.
Online time on kso servers: 2d 5h (tho I played here in 2013-2014 and those stats seems to be reseted).
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I already explained to you about the ACC / firstly regnick.

No regnick, no acc. No acc, no party. 

at this moment anti

check PM.

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47 minutes ago, Wombon eliminoija :D said:

So if I understood correctly: In order to rednick you need to pay 10e for it?

It that´s the case then you can close this thread.

as an active player u should be happy about that u can play in good standing servers, but also we must pay about these servers, including forum legal licenses, so idk if 10 euro is very expensive if u get free reserved slot for one year in all KSO servers + possibility to get acc.. in short - payment as a contribution to the development of community

anyway as thread author said that this application should be closed ill close it.

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