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pkra vakars

PokerStars Hates Meh


Taka sen nebiju spelejis pokeru (vakardiena neskaitas) sodien esmu nolemis to mainit, pokera dievi staviet man klat. (please).

Iemetisu seit sarakstu ar turniriem ko es speleshu, un rezlutatus, un cereshu ka gala rezultats nebus smuks miinuss.

Aaa, blogu izveidoju cereedams, ka tas man (skat video)

Starts 16:00 (18:00)

Ko son spelesim:

(Viss notiek PokerStars vietne)

$8.8 (25k) auts

$1.1 (2.5k) auts un $1.48 (:

$2.2 (5k) auts

$3.3 (4k)

$2.7 (7.5k) auts

$11 (25k)

$5,4 (10k) auts

$5.5 (5k)

$1.35 (7k)

$2.2 (10k)

$11 (60k)

$3.3 (5k)

$4.4 (8k)

$5.5 (10k)

$2.7 (7.5k)


$5,4 (10k)

Cerams ka izvilkshu lidz galam smile.png

live, live, live gl me, ja kads varetu par mani turet ikskus vai pacelt videjos pirkstus , busu loti priecigs. kachajam karmu.

17:39 no diviem turniriem jau izlidoju

Principa esmu papisis visu bez nekadiem ienjemumiem :((( kruta...

next time bus labaak :)) tikai kad buss next???!


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